Capital CFO Partners provides highly experienced strategic Chief Financial Officers for firms needing Interim, Fractional and project-related CFO services.

Interim / Fractional CFO Assignments

The role of the interim / fractional CFO is challenging since we are often engaged during very serious business crises. Clients frequently engage Capital CFO Partners LLC during periods of high growth,  major financial losses and declining revenues, instability in the finance or business organization, banking relationship issues or CFO turnover. In such situations, our proven experience as a strategic adviser to the CEO and Board of Directors is critical for the company to achieve its objectives.

We provide immediate, tangible results by quickly assessing the business environment including available resources as it relates to the established goal, developing and prioritizing possible solutions, and ultimately planning and executing to achieve the solution. During this process, we maintain open communications with the primary contact, while maintaining prudent business relationships with the constituencies inside and outside the company. Our officer role often extends beyond the company, since we are frequently responsible for dealing and negotiating with independent agencies, banks, potential acquirers, auditors and other organizations.

Restructuring – Firms that are facing severe liquidity issues need a strategic CFO who has experienced this situation before. We can provide the advantage of having this experience, to help you achieve your desired outcome.

Replacement – If your CFO has left – whether voluntarily or not – and you are performing a search for a permanent replacement, we can provide the continuity you need, especially if your firm is in the midst of a project such as year-end, audit, government investigation, acquisition, SEC issues, etc. We can provide highly qualified, unbiased financial management experience – fast, objective senior leadership to avert a crisis.

Special Projects – Assist with special projects such as litigation support, forensic accounting and growth and market expansion.

Additional Strategic Services

Raising debt – Our CFO’s have extensive contacts in the banking community, and significant experience in helping firms access lenders to raise new, restructured or increased loan facilities.

Raising equity – Our CFO’s have helped firms raise equity from $2 million to $250 million. Our contacts in the private equity field and angel investors’ network are extensive. We have also led firms through several IPO’s, and can help guide a firm through the steps along with an investment banker.

Acquisitions / Integrations – Our CFO’s have been on both sides of acquisition transactions. We have led due diligence activities for the acquirer, helped management define a purchase price for an acquisition, and negotiated with sellers. We also have experience on the sell side of acquisition transactions. This includes preparing Offering Memoranda, evaluating offers, establishing a selling price target, etc. Our extensive M&A backgrounds have also been of value to our clients during the integration process.

Improving lender relations – Our clients have used our services to help them when greater expertise is needed to work with their lender when misunderstandings, or covenant violations arise.

Mentoring – We have assisted firms who wished to promote a Controller to CFO, but lacks the breadth of experience needed in the new role. We can assist in the preparation of Board presentations and in developing experience in dealing with CPA firms, lenders, etc.

High-growth companies – Companies experiencing rapid growth incur unique problems that are best addressed by a CFO who has “been there – done that.” Issues arise including raising capital, adding staff, assessing IT systems, international growth, etc. Our partners have provided valuable advice to clients in this situation.