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All Capital CFO Partners have prior experience as a CFO. We are highly experienced, with an average of 25 years in the CFO position, and over 30 years of total experience. We have collectively worked in almost every industry, including manufacturing, distribution, construction, healthcare, logistics, software, telecom, financial services, technology, aerospace, material handling and not-for-profit firms. We have been CFO of firms as small as $5 million of revenue, and as large as over $1 billion.


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(817) 798-9629

Rick Bollar

Managing Partner

Rick Bollar is a senior executive finance, strategy & operations leader known for his service-focused, ethical approach to problem solving, revenue growth & cost control. Rick has diverse experience in industries including Technology, Global Logistics, Hotels & Hospitality, Food Service, Health Care, Education, Social Media and Food Manufacturing.

His core background is finance, and Rick has been CFO of a $200 million Global Logistics company, Interim CFO for a $50 million Nasdaq-traded Technology company and served in Controller / Finance Director roles for an Outsourced Services company growing at 17-25% per year for more than a decade. Rick is experienced in process design and reengineering and he has successfully used these skills to rapidly reposition mature enterprises, integrate acquired companies, as well as guide startups through their initial growth phase. With a deep technology background, Rick has deployed ERP and Business Intelligence, SaaS Point of Sale and Enterprise Service Bus systems. He has also managed developer teams working in Agile environments. His experience extends into Internet services, and he has developed and deployed Big Data, mobile commerce, card payment systems and other distributed hardware & software systems.

Rick received a Master of Business Administration, Health Sector Management, from Duke University, Fuqua School of Business as well as a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Major in Finance, Summa Cum Laude from Strayer University. He is an active member of Financial Executives International and RIMS – The Risk Management Society.

Rick is a Registered Broker/Dealer in Texas.

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(817) 239-4277

Ron Rubin


Ron is a senior executive officer with over 25 years of experience as Chief Financial Officer. He is recognized as a strategic partner to the CEO. As Chief Financial Officer, Ron managed one IPO in the aerospace industry and negotiated numerous Debt and Bank credit facilities in a variety of industries. He has substantial international experience, having been CFO of the US affiliates of one Italian company, one Israeli company and two German companies; this resulted in a 3-year assignment to Frankfurt Germany.

Ron has managed several mergers, acquisitions and divestitures during the past 30 years. In his previous CFO role he completed five acquisitions ranging in acquisition cost from $1 million to $15 million. Additionally, he managed the successful implementation of two ERP systems and has significant experience in management reporting and cost/cash management functions.

Ron earned a Bachelor of Engineering degree from The Cooper Union, a Master of Science from Carnegie-Mellon University, and an MBA from the University of Tulsa.

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(972) 849-8631

Kathryn Loo

Senior Executive Advisor

Kathryn Loo is a senior executive financial leader known for her pragmatic approach to problem solving while being flexible and adaptive. Her passion is to inspire positive change and continuous improvement. Kathryn enjoys a challenge and learning new industries, as shown by her diverse background in Financial Services, Technology Outsourcing Services, Horse Racing, Hospitality, and Casino Gambling. As a Chief Audit Executive, Kathryn provided the vision and execution leadership for the internal audit and Sarbanes-Oxley (“SOX”) compliance functions.

Using twenty-plus years of experience in finance and accounting, she transformed those areas into highly productive programs, adding value and substantially decreasing cost. She effectively increased the level of communications with the Audit Committee to assist them in focusing on what mattered most to the company’s success. Because of her knowledge and abilities, Kathryn was twice called upon to be the interim Global Corporate Controller responsible for three US and three international operating groups.

Kathryn is a Certified Public Accountant*, as well as a Chartered Global Management Accountant and received a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Major in Accounting from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas on a full academic scholarship. She has spoken on the subject of SOX compliance to several professional groups.

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(214) 632-7137

Chris Barton

Managing Director

Chris Barton is a trusted and highly accomplished Senior Financial Executive with successful experience working in high-growth and turnaround environments for mid-market and small companies in consumer-packaged goods and multi-unit organizations including restaurants and franchises. Additionally, he brings many years’ experience from Fortune 500 corporate finance, and business development.

As a CFO, Chris has provided financial support through high-growth periods and brought structure and direction to finance and accounting organizations to not only help them catch up with the growth of the overall organization but prepare for future growth as well. As a partner to the CEO and the rest of the leadership team, Chris understands the key drivers of the business from sales to product/service delivery to support all departments with financial and operational metrics that contribute to making decisions that align with company strategy and goals.

Chris created the valuation models for new business opportunities of approximately $200 million over five years in the IT Outsourcing industry including pricing, cost structure, income statement projections and cash flow projections.

Chris was a business-to-business services franchisee where he started his business from scratch and grew it to the top 15% of sales in the franchise network, became one of the first adopters of the ISO 9001 Quality Management Designation achieving productivity levels at the very top of the network and was elected by fellow franchisees to the Network Leadership Council where he represented franchisees in his region to develop the strategic direction, marketing programs and new service offerings for the franchise network. He was also President of the regional franchisee Co-op where he negotiated service pricing for all franchisees’ equipment in addition to contract pricing for materials and supplies.

Chris received his MBA in Finance and his BBA in Marketing from the University of North Texas and is a Certified Management Accountant (CMA).

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(817) 729-8610

Bill Buechele

Managing Director of Business Development

Bill Buechele is a trusted and highly accomplished business advisor with diverse industry experience, including private equity, energy, manufacturing, distribution, healthcare and technology entities, and international exposure. He is recognized as a results oriented leader with the ability to rapidly integrate into organizations and effectively address critical matters. Bill Buechele was the leader of Deloitte's Growth Enterprise Services practice in North Texas. He is skilled in developing and scaling creative and flexible solutions for challenges and opportunities for entities with a wide range of resources and sophistication. Bill has led services related to major transactions including acquisitions, divestitures and registrations and is adept in developing consensus among board, management and third-party factions on strategic and sensitive issues that transform organizations.

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(512) 470-6396

Greg Bogard

Managing Director

Greg Bogard is a Senior Executive Officer with over 28 years of strategy and operations leadership. Bogard is known for his hands-on, ethical approach to problem solving, revenue growth, debt restructuring and cost control. He has diverse experience in industries including: Manufacturing, Global Logistics, Distribution, High-Tech (software and services), Construction, Telecom and Engineering.

Greg has specialized in distressed company turnaround strategies such as debt restructuring, hyper-growth capitalization and accounting infrastructures, cost improvements/reductions and cash flow maximization. He led a $90 million M&A; transaction of a publicly-traded company and a recent $35 million M&A; transaction of a privately-held company. His skill sets have been utilized on both the buy and sell side of these types of transactions.

Very operationally focused, Greg has successfully supported operations with cost improvement reporting and targets, creating sound management reporting structures, integrating acquired companies, as well as guiding startups through their early growth phases.Bogard has the ability to quickly identify and understand situations unique to a company, provide sound modeling and forecasts that lay out a roadmap for management to understand the economic drivers and results of specific strategic plans.

Greg received a Master of Business Administration from Regis University, Boulder CO as well as a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with an Emphasis in Accounting from Wayne State University, Detroit MI. He also is a Certified Management Accountant. He is an active member of Financial Executives International.

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(214) 649-1310

Neil Briggs

Managing Director

Neil Briggs is a versatile financial professional with over thirty-five years’ experience in public and private companies, with business experience in the US, Canada, Europe, Latin America, Australia, Southeast Asia and South Africa. Key strengths include innovation, problem solving, revenue growth, debt restructuring and cost control. Neil has diverse experience in industries including: Chemicals, Manufacturing, Automotive, Retail, Food, Global Logistics and Distribution.

Neil has experience with a large international public company and with successfully growing private equity owned companies. Neil has extensive experience working internationally in the Paints and Explosives industries as well as providing financing structure, financial and systems infrastructure that allowed private equity owned businesses to successfully grow with low overhead. He has been involved in many international acquisitions as well as several successful sale transactions.

Neil received a Bachelor of Science, with a major in Computer Science from York University, Toronto, Ontario and is a CPA, CA (Canada Chartered Accountant). He is an active member of Financial Executives International.